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Studies of Educational Sociology vol.85


The Journal of Educational Sociology
Edited by the Japan Society of Educational Sociology No.85, Nov. 2009

KAWAMURA, Akira, Life Histories of Junior High School Teachers who Confronted Deviant Behavior by Students in the 1970s and 1980s: Focusing on the Teachers' Culture of Authority

FUJIMURA, Masashi, Economic Disparities in Access to Universities and the Potential of Higher Education Policy

INABA, Koichi, Structural Character of the "Rehabilitation" of Incarcerated Juveniles: An Essay on the Narrative Transfiguration of the Relationship between Self and Society

MORI, Ippei, "School Socialization" as Everyday Practice: The process of Socialization to the Work of Knowledge Production in a Kindergarten

YAMAZAKI, Takako, Changes in Images of Working in Major Women's Magazine in Japan during the Prewar Period Following World War I

ISHIKAWA, Yukari, Effect of Regional Migration of Mothers on Their Children's Education: Relation Between the Increase in the Gender Gap and Regional Disparities

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