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Studies of Educational Sociology vol.86


The Journal of Educational Sociology
Edited by the Japan Society of Educational Sociology
No.86, Jun. 2010


Special Issue: Changes in Teachers and the Teaching Profession


The Advance of Neo-liberalism and Marketization and the Transformation of the Teaching Profession     KANO. Yoshimasa


How should we interpret pathological phenomena involving the teaching profession? Teaching as educational labor     YUFU. Sawako


The Occupational Culture of Teachers and Its Transformation     YAMADA. Tetsuya, HASEGAWA. Yutaka


Trust and Distrust: Changing and Complex Views of Teachers in Japan     YAMADA. Hiroyuki


Social Characteristics of the Teaching Profession: Focusing on Teachers' Struggles against "The Rise of Meritocracy in the Field of Teaching"     KANEKO. Mariko


Reform of Teacher Preparation Programs since 1990 in Japan: Marketization and Re-regulation     SAKUMA. Aki


A Review of Sociological Studies on Teachers     OCHI. Yasushi, KUREBAYASHI. Nobuyuki


Influence of Learning Strategy on PISA Achievement:
From the Viewpoint of Strategy Difference between Social Classes     SUDO. Kosuke


Medical Interpretation and Practice on Teenage Delinquency:
Medicalization Based on the Narratives of Practitioners     KIMURA. Yuko


"Local Pedagogy" in Japanese Middle Schools:
Focusing on the Socio-Economic Backgrounds of School Districts     ISA. Natsumi


Risk Analysis Regarding School Safety:
Focusing on the Actual and Perceived Incidence of Accidents     UCHIDA. Ryo


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