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The 67th JSES Annual Meeting (updated)

The 67th JSES Annual Meeting
Dates: Sept. 9(Wed)-10(Thurs), 2015
Venue: Komazawa University
Application for Presentations: May 7(Thurs)-June 1(Mon)
Submission of Proceedings: June 15(Mon)-July 31(Fri)
Notes: In both cases of current members and new members, a payment of annual membership fee should be made no later than April 30th to be eligible to present papers at the 67th JSES Annual Meeting. Application for presentations and submission of proceedings will be open earlier than usual.

Upcoming Annual Meeting

The 71st JSES Annual Meeting
Dates: Sep. 12(Thu)-13(Fri), 2019
Venue: Taisho Universtiy, Tokyo

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