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The 68th JSES Annual Meeting

The 68th JSES Annual Meeting
Dates: Sept. 17 (Sat.)- 18(Sun.), 2016
Venue: Nagoya University
Application for Presentations: May 20 (Fri.)-June 15 (Wed.)
Submission of Proceedings: July 1 (Fri.)- Aug. 8 (Fri.)
Notes: In both cases of current members and new members, a payment of annual membership fee should be made no later than April 30th to be eligible to present papers at the 68th JSES Annual Meeting.



International Session: The theme for the International Session in English at the 68th Annual Meeting at Nagoya University is "Human Resource Strategies in East Asia in the Global Age." In the session, participants will discuss to what extent the perspective of "East Asia" is a useful tool to analyze education and society in the global age. The topic would cover collaborated programs in the region in higher education, issues on a common language, knowledge and values, education and employment. All presentations in this session will be in English, and discussions will also basically be in English. 

   Applications and 2-page abstracts should be submitted to the Directorate of International Affairs by email at The deadlines are the same for the sessions in Japanese. Applications should be made between May 20th and June 15th, 2016. Abstracts should be submitted between July 1st and August 5th, 2016.  Please note that if you apply for this international session, you cannot apply for any concurrent session in Japanese.

(1) Date and time: To be announced.

(2) Theme of the session: "Human Resource Strategies in East Asia in the Global Age."

(3) Language used in the session (oral): Mainly in English.

(4) Language used in the session (written): English.

(5) Length of one presentation: 25 minutes (20 minutes presentation and 5 minutes discussion.)

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Upcoming Annual Meeting

The 71st JSES Annual Meeting
Dates: Sep. 12(Thu)-13(Fri), 2019
Venue: Taisho Universtiy, Tokyo

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