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Our Activities

  1. Publications
    • Journal "Studies of Educational Sociology" (twice a year)
    • Bulletins (quarterly)
    • Occasional publications such as the "New Encyclopedia of Educational Sociology" (Toyokan publisher, 1986)
  2. Meetings
    • Annual meetings
    • Ad-hoc seminars, study groups, and public lectures
  3. Collaboration and information exchange with other academic associations within and outside of Japan
  4. Various projects to disseminate and promote educational sociology and to share information among members

The papers published in the Journal "Studies of Educational Sociology" fall into the following categories: (1) members' academic articles reviewed by the journal editorial committee; (2) reviews of the books authored by the members; and (3) catalogs of recently published books, journal articles, and reports related to educational sociology. It is published twice a year (May and November) by Toyokan Publisher. The Journal has special issues once a year which collect articles on research topics and educational issues which the editorial committee considers important.

Annual meetings are held for three days in autumn at one of Japanese universities. The oral research presentations are assigned to one of the following topical groups: theory, childhood, juvenile, school, teachers, families and education, local communities and education, media and education, higher education, life-long learning, career and education,gender and education, multiculturalism and education, econimics and education, social structure anda education, foreign education, history of education, and, current issues of education. The annual meetings also have special public lecture by guest scholars from overseas, free-discussion among like-minded Society members, roudtables to exchange research information, topical research presentations focused on specific topics, and the symposium organized by the respective host universities of the annual meetings.

There are also regional societies and research groups formulated by our members such as Kyushu Society of Educational Sociology, Kansai Research Group on Educational Sociology, and Tokai Research Group on Educational Sociology. These groups organize their own meetings.

Upcoming Annual Meeting

The 71st JSES Annual Meeting
Dates: Sep. 12(Thu)-13(Fri), 2019
Venue: Taisho Universtiy, Tokyo

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