International Conference on Economic Structures   Autumn Conference (in Japanese)

ICES 2020 canceled due to COVID-19

 We have decided to cancel ICES 2020 due to the current spread of the Covid-19 virus.
 We received an e-mail from the Dean of Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University, which ask us to cancel PAPAIOS-ICES2020.
 Canceling ICES 2020 was a difficult decision, thinking all of our speakers and abstract authors have put immense time and  energy into their presentations. The ICES 2020 General Organizing Committee wishes to thank everyone for their patience throughout this decision-making process sincerely.
 As the cancellation of the conference, all attendees will be eligible for a full refund of their registration fee. Please allow us time to process full registration fee refunds.


The 4th International Conference on Economic Structures

Conference: 27-29 March, 2020
Conference Venue: Kyoto University (Yoshida Campus), Japan
Call for Papers:Call for Papers(PDF) , Flyer(PDF)
Abstract submission using SOLTI (Deadline: 29 November 2019)

Organizers   Important dates   Conference Venue   Paper/Summary/Prograqm  Registration
Guidelines  Wi-Fi   Presentation Guidance  Accommodation

Chief of the General Organizing Committee:
 Kiyoshi FUJIKAWA (President of PAPAIOS), Nagoya University, Japan
Chief of the Local Organizing Committee:
 Kwangmoon KIM, Kyoto University, Japan
Chair of the Scientific Program Committee:
 Takashi YAGI (Vice President of PAPAIOS), Meiji University, Japan

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Conference Venue
Kyoto University (Yoshida Campus), Japan
 (Address: Yoshida-honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan)
Access map:
Campus map (See No.34(Research Bldg No.2)) :
Floor guide:

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Uploading of Paper/Summary
 The Online Paper Management System (SOLTI Presentation):
 The deadline of paper uploading is28 February 2020.

Program and Abstracts
 Program with Abstracts (PDF, final version, as of March 22, 2020) 

Downloading of Paper/Summary
 The participants of the ICES 2020 can download abstracts and full papers/ summaries through SOLTI during the conference.

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Important dates
 Abstract submission open: 1 August, 2019
 Abstract submission deadline: 29 November, 2019
 Acceptance notification: 15, December, 2019
 Full paper/Summary submission open: 16, December, 2019
 Registration open: 20 January, 2020
 Full paper/Summary submission deadline: 28 February, 2020
 Registration deadline: 12 March 2020

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Guidelines for submission of papers
1. Individual presentation
i. Submission of the title and abstract your presentation by 29 November, 2019
Those who are going to participate in the conference as a presenter are requested to submit the title and the abstract of your presentation by 29 November, 2019.
Please submit your abstract through the online submission system (SOLTI) :
ii. Completion of registration, payment of the appropriate conference fee, and the presentation are the NECESSARY CONDITIONS for securing a spot on the final program and the proceeding.
iii. Submission of the paper and/or summary of your presentation by 28 February, 2020
You are requested to submit your paper and/or the summary (over 2 pages) by 28 February, 2020 after receiving the notification of acceptance of your presentation at the conference. If you want help for getting a visa earlier than 28 February, 2020, please submit your paper and/or the summary (over 2 pages) by 31 January, 2020. (Click here for "Helping for getting a visa")
iv. Payment of your appropriate conference fee
The payment system will be opened in early February.
v. The maximum time of your presentation
The maximum time of your presentation is 20-30 minutes, including 5-10 minutes of discussions.
2.Organized special sessions
i. Proposal of organized sessions by 29 November, 2019.
Those who are going to organize a special session which consists of 3 or 4 presentations on a specific topic are requested to submit the proposal to  by 29 November, 2019. This proposal should include all information about the theme, chairperson with affiliation and email address, title of each presentation and abstracts (not less than 200 words but not more than 300 words) for each. We recommend you create the proposal with MS-Word.
ii. Individual presenter in an organized session
All the presenters in an organized session need to submit the title and abstract your presentation through SOLTI by 29 November, 2019, submit the paper and/or summary by 28 February, 2020, and pay the appropriate conference fee as is specified in 1-1), 1-2) and 1-3).
iii. Organizer or chairperson, who does not make a presentation, of an organized session
An organizer or chairperson of an organized special session, if he/she does not make a presentation, does NOT have to submit the title and abstract of your organized session. All the members of the organized session, however, needs to make a registration later as a regular participant including those who do not make a presentation.
iv. The maximum time of an organized special session
The maximum time of your organized special session is 120 minutes.
3.Contact address on the ICES 2020
For more information please send an e-mail to
Please note:
Presenters and corresponding authors are restricted to those who hold, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree.

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Wi-Fi (the Internet connection)
 Kyoto University uses the eduroam ( which offers Wireless LAN Roaming (Mutual use) between several educational research institutes such as universities. Please use the eduroam account in checking and setting it in each institute in advance.
 How to use eduroam in Kyoto University: See the following URL.

 For those who do not belong to the eduroam participant institute: We are sorry to say that we can prepare a limited number of visitors' accounts for the ICES 2020 participants. If you would like to use the INTERNET during the conference, we recommend to bring the Internet access device by yourself.

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Presentation Guidance
 We recommend you bring your PC for the presentation. You can connect your PC to a projector with the following type of connecters;
Venue P, A-C, E: HDMI / VGA
Venue D : VGA

 The following picture is the connecter from the projector.

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Kyoto City Official Travel Guide:
Otsu City Travel Guide:
 Otsu City is 10 min by train from the centre of Kyoto.

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