Helping for getting a visa

If you need our help getting a visa, please e-mail the following information to by 31 January 2019. This will enable us to prepare the information you will need to fill out the application documents which you will then submit to an ambassador or a consul-general of Japan in your country.

  1. Full name (in Latin alphabet)
  2. Date of birth and age
  3. Nationality
  4. Occupation (Affiliation)
  5. Sex
  6. Phone number
  7. Place of a Japanese embassy or consulate in your country that you are going to submit the visa application documents.
  8. Itinerary in Japan (Download PDF here)

Your personal information will only be used in helping to get a visa. We would prefer you to do the above, but alternatively, you can also download the documents a) to c ), fill out the appropriate forms, and send an e-mail to with the attached documents as set out below.

Step 0 (you can skip this step)

Step 1

Step 2

Please be aware of the following points:

  • If you want help for getting a visa earlier than 28th Feb 2019, please submit your paper and/or the summary (over 2 pages) via SOLTI by 31 January 2019.
  • It is difficult for us to send a letter of guarantee and a letter of invitation to those who do not make a keynote lecture or a presentation at the conference.