Journal of Applied Input-Output Analysis

Vol. 1

No. 1 (October 1992)

Introductory Words Wassily W. Leontief
Induced Technical Progress and Structural Adjustment: A Multi-Sectoral Model Approach to Japan's Growth Alternatives  Shuntaro Shishido and Osamu Nakamura
Contribution of New Information Technology to the Growth of the Japanese Economy for 1974-85: An Application of Input-Output Model and Productivity Analysis Part 1 Tadashi Kuriyama and Hajime Oniki
Wage-Profit Curves in a von Neumann-Leontief Model: Theory and Computation of Japan's Economy 1970-1980  Yoriaki Fujimori
Sources of Aggregate Economic Growth in Japan during the Period 1960-1985  Masahiro Kuroda and Kazushige Shimpo
A DPG (Deviation from Proportional Growth) Analysis of the Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese Economies Chen Kuang-hui and Kiyoshi Fujikawa
Sources of Regional Economic Growth in Japan: A Case of Hokkaido Prefecture between 1970 and 1985 Takahiro Akita

No. 2 (October 1993)

Reducing CO2 Emissions and Long Run Growth of the Japanese Economy Masahiro Kuroda and Kazushige Shimpo
Estimation of Air Pollutions and Evaluating CO2 Emissions from Production Activities: Using Japan's 1985 Input-Output Tables Hitoshi Hayami, Ayu Ikeda, Mikio Suga and Kanji Yoshioka
Macroeconomic and Industry Level Implications of Alternative Macro, Trade, and Industry Policies: New NIRA-LINK Model Simulations F. Gerard Adams, Byron Gangnes and Shuntaro Shishido
An Analysis of Food Consumption Patterns Using Input-Output Tables Hiromi Tokoyama
Donors and Consignee Sectors of Labour Productivity in Greek Manufacturing (1958-1980)  Alexander J. Panethimitakis and Sokrates Lazaridis

Vol. 2

No. 1 (October 1994)

Changing Industrial Linkage in the West Pacific: An International Input-Output Analysis Yoichi Nakamura
Industrial Policy and Export-led Industrialization in the Republic of Korea in 1975-1985: An Input-Output Perspective  Se-Hark Park
Structural Change in the Indian Economy with Reference to Renewable and Non-renewable Resources Tuhin K. Das and Gautam Sarkar
The Oil Saving Efficiency of Recycling Technology for Waste Plastics Toyoaki Washida
The 1985 Japan-US-EC-Asia Input-Output Table: Its Compilation and Some Results of Analysis Hirochika Ota

No. 2 (October 1995)

A Comparison of Cost Structures in Japan and the U.S. Using Input-Output Tables Kiyoshi Fujikawa, Hiroshi Izumi and Carlo Milana
The Asian Economy: Trade Structure Interpreted by Feedback Loop Analysis Michael Sonis, Joaquim J. M. Guilhoto and Geffrey J. D. Hewings
Energy Demand Forecast for Motor Freight Transportation in Taiwan: An Application of the Dynamic Interregional Input-Output Model Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng and Sheng-Hshiung Tsaur
The Harmonization of Chinese and Japanese Input-Output Tables by Using PPP Jie Li, Hiroshi Izumi and Akiko Nakajima
Analysis of Firm Size Effect on R&D Activities in Japan Akiko Nakajo

Vol. 3 (December 1996)

The Economic Impact of a Nuclear Power Moratorium: Simulation Experiments by the CRIEPI Medium-Term Economic Forecasting System Mitsuho Uchida, Tsuneaki Hattori and Norihisa Sakurai
Input-Output Analysis of Economic Growth and Structural Changes in China Teng Jian
The Importance of Public Investment in Relation to the Asahikawa-Douhoku Region of Hokkaido Yoshihiko Kamehata, Romit Dasgupta and Hideaki Onodera
An Interregional Input-Output Table of Mie Prefecture, Japan: Estimation and Applications Mitsuo Yamada

Vol. 4 (December 1997)

Input-Output Marketing Analysis Table: Consumer Behavior Analysis Based on Closed Systems Yoshio Yuge
An Input-Output Analysis on Japan-China Environmental Problem: Compilation of the Input-Output Table for the Analysis of Energy and Air Pollutants Hitoshi Hayami and Takayuki Kiji
Quantitative Analyses of the Impact of Price Adjustments in China Wang Yinchu and Li Shantong

Technical Note Input-Output Characteristic Analysis

Wang Tong

Vol. 5 (December 1999)

Productivity Comparison and International Competitiveness Masahiro Kuroda and Koji Nomura
The Changing Structure of the Indian Economy with Special Reference to Infrastructure and Energy Sectors: An Input-Output Analysis Joyashree Roy and Ranjana Mukhopadhyay
India's Energy Consumption Changes during 1973-1974 to 1989-90: An Input-Output Approach Kakali Mukhopadhyay and Debesh Chakraborty
Tourism and Agro-Food as a Growth Stimulus to a Rural Economy: The Mediterranean Island of Crete Vangelis Tzouvelekas and Konstantinos Mattas

Vol. 6 (December 2000)

Incorporating Output Projections into a Regional Input-Output Model: The Case of Forestry in Rural Scotland Kenneth. J. Thomson and Demetrios Psaltopoulos
Location of Comparative Advantages in India and Bangladesh  Chandrima Roy and Debesh Chakraborty
Trade Liberalization and the Economy of China:
A Dynamic CGE Analysis, 1997-2010
Mitsuo Ezaki and Lin Sun
The Effect of Carbon Tax and Energy Tax on the Economy of Taiwan, 1999-2020 Chi-Yuan Liang

Vol. 7 (December 2001)

The Impact of Economic Crisis on the Labor Market in Thailand 1997-1999 Kitti Limskul
Structural Changes in the Tohoku Economy of Japan: A Front-yard of Manufacturing Electric and Electronics Intermediates Tesshu Koshiba
An International Comparison of the Input-Output Structure: Europe, U.S.A., and East Asia Mitsuo Saito and Ichiro Tokutsu
Analysis and Design of Regional Pollution Discharge Tax Rate: An Economic-Environmental Input-Output Approach Xu Li and Saburo Ikeda

Vol. 8 (December 2002)

The Price Effects of Indirect Taxation in the Regional Economy of Andalusia M. Alejandro Cardenete and Ferran Sancho
Overseas Production of Japanese Firms and Japan-US Interdependence: An Input-Output Analysis Mitsuo Yamada
Japanese Foreign Direct Investments and the Effects on Japanese Economy: An Econometric Approach Kazuo Inaba
Regional Input-Output analysis of Industrial Waste: Developing a Price Model for Hyogo Prefecture, Japan Takehiro Usui

Vol. 9 (December 2003)

An Analysis of the Annual Change in the Government Investment Multiplier in the Japanese Economy Using Several Model Types Takayuki Takeshita
Social Accounting Matrix for Modelling Indian Economy Sameer R. Rege
An Empirical Analysis of the Industrial Waste Embodied in the 1995 Japanese Economy Shigemi Kagawa, Yuichi Moriguchi and Koichi Tachio
Structural development of Germany and Japan 1980-1995 Hermann Schnabl and Kohei Yoshinaga

Vol. 10 (December 2004)

Endogenising Capital: A comparison of Two Methods Manfred Lenzen and Graham J Treloar
Sources of Growth of Information Sector in India During 1983-84 to 1993-94 Sikhanwita Roy, Tuhin Das and Debesh Chakraborty
Detailed Discussion on the Multiplier Effect of Public Investment in Japan: Policy Simulations Using the Short-Term Multi-Sector Econometric Model Takayuki Takeshita
Capturing the Economic Impact of a Public Institution: the Rovira i Virgili University Maria Llop

Vol. 11 & 12 (December 2006)

A flexible approach to matrix balancing under partial information Manfred Lenzen, Blanca Gallego and Richard Wood
A Linkage analysis of the real estate sector using the hypothetical extraction method Yu Song, Chunlu Liu and Craig Langston
Does Monetary Policy Work under Zero-Interest-Rate? Kazusuke Tsujimura and Masako Tsujimura
A New Ecological Footprint Calculation for the Australian Water Industry: Regionalisation and Inclusion of Downstream Impacts Gregory Peters, Fabian Sack, Manfred Lenzen,Sven Lundie and Blanca Gallego
Structural Changes in the Indonesian Economy: A Network Complication Approach Nuzul Achjar, Michael Sonis and Geoffrey J.D. Hewings
A use-side trade margins matrix for the Andalusian economy J. M. Rueda-Cantuche, A. Titos Moreno & M. Asensio Pardo
Energy productivity during the years of Doi Moi Nguyen Thi Anh Tuyet and Keiichi N. Ishihara

Vol. 13 & 14 (December 2008)

A Financial Macroeconometric model of the United States 1977-2002 Shigeru Nishiyama
An Input-Output Analysis of the Economic Dependence between Japanese Enterprises and Non-Japanese Enterprises in China and Japan Teng Jian, Fang Wenhui
Inter-sectoral Interdependence and Growth in Vietnam: A Comparative Analysis with Indonesia and Malaysia Takahiro Akita, Chu Thi Trung Hau
Detection of Key Sectors by Using Social Accounting Matrices: An Alternative Approach M. Alejandro Cardenete, Gaspar J. Llanes, M. Carmen Lima, Carmen R. Morilla
Price-endogenized Inter-industry Approach with Goods and Bads Pongsun BUNDITSAKULCHAI, Hajime INAMURA, Shigemi KAGAWA
The development of an enterprise input output model and its application to industrial environmental management Mitsutaka MATSUMOTO, Jun FUJIMOTO

Vol. 15 (December 2009)

An Examination of Estimation Methods Employed for Determining CO2 Emissions at the Prefectural Level in Japan Ryoji Hasegawa
Alternative Value Bases and Prices: Evidence from the Input-Output Tables of the Swedish Economy George Soklis
A Dynamic Leontief Pollution Model with Environmental Standards Imre Dobos, Adel Floriska

Vol. 16 (December 2010)

Application of Factor Decomposition Techniques to Vertical Specialisation Measurements Bo Meng, Norihiko Yamano, Colin Webb
THERESIA : Toward Holistic Economy, Resource and Energy Structure for the Integrated Assessment of Global Warming Mitigation Options Shunsuke Mori, Yoshiaki Wada, Kenshiro Imai, Masashi Ohkura