To join the Association, you must submit a membership application and pay a membership fee. Please follow the instructions below to complete the procedure.

Admission Procedure

1. Membership Application
Please fill out the membership application form with the necessary information and send it to the Association's Secretariat (see below).
You can download the form as a PDF file here.

2. Payment of Membership Fee
Please pay an annual membership fee of 10,000 yen to the following account by postal transfer. You can use the form provided by the post office.
(Account Number: 01320-9-2987, Account Holder Name: 日本高等教育学会事務局)

* You will be registered as a member of the Association after we receive the membership application form and membership fee, and when your application is approved by the Board of Directors. We will send you a Notification of Admission after your application is approved by the Board of Directors and you are registered as a member of the Association.

* Your registration as a member of the Association will be completed on the day of the Board of Director's meeting at which your admission is approved. Please note that you might not be able to receive some of the services the members of the Association are entitled to in that year depending on the time of the year you join the Association. All members who pay the annual membership fee for a year will receive the publications issued by the Association in that year. You will not receive the Association's journal Japanese Journal of Higher Education Research at the time of the payment of an annual membership fee because the journal is published in May of the following year.