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 IO tables in Japan is here. (Most of the links are written in Japanese.)
 The table below shows the input-output table for each country and region. (modified: March 15, 2022)
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Asia and Pacific region  ADB(Asian Development Bank)

East Asia
• Republic of Korea 1985-2018 (The Bank of Korea) written in Korean 1960-1983
• Mongolia 2010-2018 (National Statistical Office)

Central Asia
• Kazakhstan 2001-2018 (Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms Bureau of National Statistics)
• Kyrgyz Republic 2008-2016 (National Statistical Committee)

South Asia
• India 1993-1994   1998-1999  2003-2004  2006-2007 2007-2008 (Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation)

South-East Asia
• Brunei Darussalam 2005 (Ministry of Finance and Economy Department of Economic Planning and Statistics)
• Indonesia 2010 (Central Bureau of Statistics)
• Philippines 1990-2012 (Philippine Statistics Authority)
• Singapore 2010-2016 (Minsitry of Trade and Industry Department of Statistics)
• Thailand 1975-2010 (Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council)

• Australia 1998-2018 (Australian Bureau of Statistics)
• New Zealand 2006-2007  2012-2013 (Statistics New Zealand | Tatauranga Aotearoa)

North America
• U.S.A. 1947-2020  BEA(Bureau of Economic Analysis)

Latin America
• Argentina 1946-1997 (Ministry of Economy Secretariat of Economic Policy National Institute of Statistics and Censuses)
• Bolivia 1988-2014 (National Institute of Statistics)
• Brazil 1970-2015 Ministry of Planning, Budget, and Management Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics)
• Chile 1996-2013  2008-2018 Central Bank of Chile)
• Colombia 2005-2017 (National Administrative Department of Statistics)
• Costa Rica 2012-2017 (Banco Central de Costa Rica)
• Ecuador 2007-2018 (Central Bank of Ecuador)
• El Salvador 2005-2014 (Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador)
• Guatemala 2013 (Bank of Guatemala)
• Mexico 1970-2013 (National Institute of Statistics and Geography)
• Nicaragua 2006 (Central Bank of Nicaragua)
• Venezuela 1997 (Central Bank of Venezuela)

EU  2010 eurostat

Regional/Prefectural Level
• Republic of Korea 2007-2020 (The Bank of Korea)

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