Lawrence R. Klein Award

Award given to authors for outstanding papers on Journal of Economic Structures during the past 3 years prior to the year of the award in the field of Input-Output Analysis. (since 2014)
This prize is given every other year.

Eivind Lekve Bjelle, Johannes Többen, Konstantin Stadler, Thomas Kastner, Michaela C. Theurl, Karl-Heinz Erb, Kjartan-Steen Olsen, Kirsten S. Wiebe & Richard Wood
"Adding country resolution to EXIOBASE: impacts on land use embodied in trade."
Journal of Economic Structures, 9:14, 2020

Stephen Chong, Rutger Hoekstra, Oscar Lemmers, Ilke Van Beveren, Marcel Van Den Berg, Ron Van Der Wal and Piet Verbiest
"The role of small and medium sized enterprises in the Dutch economy: an analysis using an extended supply and use table."
Journal of Economic Structures, 8:8, 2019

Muhammad Aamir Khan, Naseeb Zada and Kakali Mukhopadhyay
"Economic implications of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) on Pakistan: a CGE approach"
Journal of Economic Structures, 7:2, 2018

Alexandre Tisserant and Stefan Pauliuk
"Matching global cobalt demand under different scenarios for co-production and mining attractiveness"
Journal of Economic Structures, 5:4, 2016

Christian S Otchia
"Agricultural Modernization, Structural Change and Pro-poor Growth: Policy Options for the Democratic Republic of Congo" 
Journal of Economic Structures, 3:8, 2014

Erik Dietzenbacher and Umed Temurshoev
"Input-output impact analysis in current or constant prices: does it matter?"
Journal of Economic Structures 1:4, 2012

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