Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.18, 1992


Masaharu AMANO
Yutaka KIDO
German Reunification and the Restructuring of the Education System
Chizuko USUI Biography of Margaret C. Griffis―A Woman Teacher Employes by the Early Meiji Government―
Morio ENDO Coordination and Reforms of Secondary Schools in Switzerland
Yutaka OTSUKA The Effects of Higher Education and Studying Abroad in the Formation of China's Elites : Some Analyses of Various Leader's Careers
So KAWANOBE Scholastic Underachievement in Children of Bangladeshi Origin in Britain
Tsukasa SASAKI The Features of the Magnet School System : A Comparison with Educational Vouchers and Tax Credits
Manami NAGAOKA The Motivation of Malaysian Students for Study in Japan
Yasushi FUJII The Plan to Establish the Bakufu English College and its Failure
Masashi FUJIMURA A Cross-national Study of Time Allocation in Language Subjects―A Case Study of Primary Schools―
Fumihiro MARUYAMA Tuition Fees of Private Universities in Japan and the U.S.
Yumiko YOSHIKAWA A Study of the 'Orientation Stage' in the Federal Republic of Germany : Problems of Selection and Education Reform

Special Issues: The Present Situation of Socialism and the Future of Education―the Case of the Soviet Union―

Satoshi KAWANOBE Introduction
Seiji FUKUDA The Principle of the Connection between Education and Work
Tadashi ENDO On the Diversification of Secondary Education

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