Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.19, 1993


Mitsuhiro IKEDA A Study of the National Consciousness among the Singaporeans : Focusing on the Relationship with Ability in Language Usage
Hitoshi KAWAGUCHI Children and Housing in Japan : The Opinions of W.M.Viries
Megumi SHIBUYA The Education of Hill Tribes in Thailand
Mitsuko SUEFUJI The Politics of Bilingual Education in the United States―The Effect of Lau v. Nichols on Bilingual Education―
Hisao TAKEKUMA Social Mobility Aspirations among Malaysian Students
Nobuya HIGUCHI A Study on "New Australia" created by Multiculturalism
Mari MATSUURA The Cultural Pluralist Approach in Educational Policy in the Netherlands―Trends and Problems―
Fumihiro MARUYAMA The Unit Cost of Higher Education in Japan and the U.S.
Kengo MOCHIDA The Labour Party's Educational Policy for the 1990s
Masaharu YOSHIDA et al. An International Survey on "TOKUBETSU KATSUDO" in Elementary Schools

Special Issues: Teaching of Comparative Education

Toshiaki KUWAHARA Introduction
Shinji KUBOTA Report of the Survey on Teaching of Comparative Education
Masateru BABA Making of Textbooks and Syllabuses for Comparative Education (1)
Masanao TAKEDA Making of Textbooks and Syllabuses for Comparative Education (2)
Yokuo MURATA Making and Using of Teaching Aids (1) : Slide Materials
Isao OGUCHI Making and Using of Teaching Aids (2) : Videotape Materials
Minoru ISHIZUKI Conclusion

Symposium: Child Culture in World Perspective

Satoshi KAWANOBE Introduction
Mayumi AKAHOSHI French Case
Mariko ICHIMI Chinese Case
Setsuo NISHINO Indonesian Case

Book Reviews and News:

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