Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.21, 1995

Special Essays:Techniques for the Study of Educational Exchanges

Morikazu USHIOGI Tasks for Research in Educational Development, Cooperation and Support
Yasuko MINOURA A Research Method for the Study of Intercultural Experience in Educational settings―In Search for Human-Centered Approaches―
Kazuhiko HIRONAKA A Research Techniques for International Exchanges in Education―With the Focus on the Japanese-India Relationship―
Satoshi KAWANOBE Lessons from the Studies of Sviet-Russian Education
Tsuneyo ISHIDOH Towards the Dynamic Research Technique for the Japan-France Educational Exchanges―In Search for an Interactive Structure Replacing Static Descriptions―


Ken-ichi ISHIDA A Study on the Process of the Establishment of Barangay High Schools int the Philippines
Junko SUZUKI The Multiple Function of Open University in Thailand
Ayami NAKAYA A Study of "Muatan Lokal" in Indonesian Education―Regulation between National Culture and Ethnic Culture―
Mina HATTORI The Creation and Development of the Concept of "Modernity" in Women's Islamic Education―A Cace Study of "Madrasah" Diniyyah Puteri in West Sumatora―
Hiromitsu MUTA Current Status and Problems in the Expassion of Higher Education in Indonesia
Yasuhiro DEAI Recurrent Education Trends in Australian Higher Education―The Background of Increased Adult Student Enrollment in the 1970's and the Recurrent Education Movement Since the Early 1980's―
Atsushi TAKEI A Study of the Andhra Pradesh Primary Education Project (APPEP) in India―Analysis of Assistance Given to Primary Education―
Seiji FUKUTA A Single Europe and Education―An Educational Ideal―
Asahiro ARAI
Religious Education and Personal and Social Education after the 1988 Education Reform Act in England

Special Issue Reports:

Akira NINOMIYA Comparative Education: Its 30-Year Trail and Prospect
Tsuguo INABA Reformation of University : Prospect for Structural Changes in 21st Century


Morikazu USHIOGI On Education in the World in Future: Issues of Human Rghts, Development, and Environment

Asla Session:

Toru UMAKOSHI The Present Situation and Prospect of Comparative Education and Research Cooperation in Asia

Round Tables:

Hiroyuki NOMOTO Present Situation and Problems of Oversea Children Education in U.S.A., France and Germany
Yokuo MURATA Ways to Educational Cooperation and Assistance for Developing Countries
Minoru ISHIZUKI A Viewpoint of 'Educational Customs' in Comparative Education
Mitsuru YAMAGUCHI Trends in the Scholatic Ability and Educational Reform in the World
Masao ISHIMURA Present Circumstances and Problems of Research in Comparative Educational Administration : Area Studies of Europe and U.S.A.

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