Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.23, 1997

Special Essays : Five-Day School Week Policies in Various Countries

Hironori NAGASHIMA Five-Day School Week System in Germany
Masatoshi ONODA Issues and Background of the Implementation of Four-Day School Week in French Elementary Schools
Ikuo KOMATSU Educational Reform an Curriculum of the English Five-Day School Week System
Mariko ICHIMI Will Five-Day School Week Change Schools in China ? -On the Meaning of the Five-Day School Week under Educational Reform in the 1990's-


Michiyo FUKUMOTO A Study of the Broads of Trustees in New Zealand -Focusing on the Reflection of the Educational Needs of Parents and the Community on School Performance-
Mayumi NISHINO A Study on Philosophy Education for Children in Australia -Towards the Curriculum Development for Thinking in Moral Education-
Yoshikazu OGAWA "Ethnic Equality" Problems about Entrance Examinations in China -A Case of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture-
Satoru SAWADA A Study on the Textbooks during the Save-Nation-b-Education Movement in Korea -An Analysis of "Kodeung Sohak Dokbon (Korean Textbook for Senior Primary School)" compiled by Hwimun Wisuk-
Ayami NAKAYA A Critical Study on the Functions of the "Local Curriculum" ("Muatan Lokal") in Indonesia


Akiko MINEI Education and the World's Population Issue -Population-explosion, Decreasing Family-size, Migration-

Special Issue Report I :

Minoru ISHIZUKI 50 Years of Postwar Comparative Education and Educational Research

Special Issue Report II :

Reiko SEKIGUCHI and Isamu OGUCHI The Issues of Education of Ethnic Minorities -From a Comparative Perspectives

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