Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.24, 1998

Special Papers: Japanes Educational Reform in Question -a comparative approach-

Eiichi MIYAKOSHI Strategies and Steps for Educational Reform -the case of Japan and the UK-
Shigeru ASANUMA A Critical Analysis of the Concept of "New Scholastic Ability" at the Primary and Secondary Level in Japan
Kengo MOCHIDA Secondary Education Reform and the Implementation of Integrated Public Middle & High School
Takekazu EHARA Perspectives of Higher Education Reform
Takahiro KONDO International Dimensions of History Education -the problems of continuity of the "nation" and the lack of "historical consciousness"-


Hisao AKAI Reform Movements of Public Examinations in India -the case of Haryana State-
Ken-ichi IKEDA Contradiction in the Social Image of 'Integration' in Multi-ethnic France
The European Dimension in Education in the EU -the development of its concept and a case study of Scotland-
Kazuhiro SUGIMOTO A Comparative Study on Higher Education Reforms in Australia and Britain -the transformation process from a binary system to a unitary one-
Masahiro CHIKADA Structural Changes of Vietnam's Higher Education during the "Doi Moi" Perio -transition from Soviet model-
Qionghua ZHANG Bilingual Education and Formation of Ethnic Identities in China from a Perspective of Coexistence of Multi-ethnic Cultures

Public Symposium

Tsuneyo ISHIDO Identity and Education in the Age of Globalization -how do we teach traditional culture and values?-

Research Project Reports

Chieko SAKURAI Global Contributions of Asia-Pacific Rim Countries in the Field of Education
Junko KOBAYASHI Problems of Multi-cultural Education with Focus on Public Education

Book Reviews and News:

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