Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.25, 1999

Special Papers: New Perspectives of Comparative Education

Shigetaka IMAI New Frontier of Comparative Education
Shin'ichi SUZUKI Problems and Future Perspectives of Comparative Education Societies
Akira NINOMIYA Research Infrastructure of Comparative Education
Yokuo MURATA Comparative Education and Area Studies(1) - The case of Southeast Asian countries -
Megumi SHIBUYA Comparative Education and Area Studies(2) - The case of Southeast Oceania -
Editorial Secretariat Present Situation of Comparative Education Teaching - Questionnaire survey -


Mitsuko SUEFUJI Language Policy of the Bilingual Education Act
Koro SUZUKI Islamic Education in Public Primary and Secondary Schools in Southern Thailand
Masahiro TEJIMA The Introduction of Islamic Values into Environmental Education in Malaysia - An analysis of curricula of 'Science' and 'Local Studies' in primary education
Hirotaka NANBU The Process of Preparing Higher Education Faculy in China - The case of the supervision of doctorate candidates in Peking University -
Tomoaki MATSUO Multicultualism and Curriculum in Higher Education
Makoto MIO Comparison of School Education between Syria and Lebanon - The position and meaning of national education -

Public Symposium

Nobumichi IWASA Crisis of the Child and Values Education

Research Project Reports

Yokuo MURATA Influence of Japanese Education upon Asian Countries
Takeshi SASAKI New Relationships between School Education and Parents' Organizations

Book Reviews and News:

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