Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.26, 2000

Special Papers: Children in Crisis and Educational Responses

Yoshio GONDO Policy Trends and Probrems in Japanese Values Education
Nobumichi IWASA Recent American Trends in Character Education
Asahiro ARAI The National Curriculum and the Spiritual and Moral Development of Children in England
Sachiko FUJII Reconstruction of Knowledge and Fostering Citizenship in Higher Secondary Education Reform: The French Approach
Hitoshi SUGIMOTO Educational Crisis and Values Education in Asia: From Bhutan to Brunei
Mitsuru TAKI Development of Bullying Prevention Programs Through Mutual International Cooperation with Australia
Tadashi KANEKO Dealing with Children in Crisis: Partnerships Between Schools and Communities


Midori KAJIMA Roles of Local Education Authorities in Planning Strategies for Behaviour Support Plan
Shinji SAKANO Educational Reform and School Participation in the Federal Republic of Germany
Aoi NAKAYAMA Educational for Multicultural and Multiethnic Diversity in Germany
Moriki TERADA International Cooperation in Vocational Education and Comparative Vocational Education Theory in the Federal Republic of Germany: Focusing on Analytic Instruments in the Transfer of a Dual Vocational Education System
Yoshihito II Higher Education for Australian Indigenous Knowledge and Western Knowledge
Minoru MORISHITA Course Choices o Rural Primary School Students after the Expansion of Educational Opportunity at the Level of Lower Secondary Education in Thailand: Centered on the Diersification of Schools in Rural Areas
Yuto KITAMURA Vernacular Political and Student Elites During the East Pakistan Era: Political, Economic, and Social Backgrounds

Public Symposium

Yutaka KIDO Comparative International Perspectives on the Reconstruction of 'Knowledge' in Higher Education

Research Project Reports

Akira NINOMIYA A Comparative Study on the Development of 'KOKORO NO KYOIKU' (Education of the Heart) in Other Countries
Mariko SATO A Study on the Position of International Educational Cooperation in Comparative Educational Research

Book Reviews and News:

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