Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.27, 2001

Special Papers: Frontiers in Comparative Education and Problems in Educational Area Studies

Hisao TAKEKUMA Comparative Education and Problems in Educational Area Studies
Hideaki SHIBUYA The Potential of Area Studies of Education: From 'Area Affairs of Education' to New Perspectives
Yasuo SAITO Studies of Education in Latin-American Cultural Areas
Setsuo NISHINO Studies of Education in the Islamic World
Tadashi ENDO Studies of Education in Russia and the Former Soviet Union:
The Challenge of New Problems
Yutaka KIDO The European Union and Problems of Education in Europe


Tsukasa SASAKI Facts of an Open Enrollment Program: A Case Study of a City District in California
Jun TAKIZAWA Deregulation of Public Education for Language Minority Students in California: The Transformation of Accountability
Miho HASHIMOTO American Images of Japanese Education in Educational Periodicals from Late Yedo to Early Meiji
Hiroki TSUNOGAE Former Polytechnic Universities in the Unitary Higher Education System in Britain
Hodaka FUJII A Problem of Compulsory Education in France: The Amendment of the Compulsory Education Law of 1998
Hisako AKAI The District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) in India: Restructuring Primary Teacher Training
Masami IIDA Primary Education in an Area of Better Performance in the Republic of Tanzania: With Special Reference to Community Practices and the School as Mediator

Public Symposium

Shin'ichi SUZUKI The Culture of Peace and Children's Books: For the Year of Children's Reading Public

Research Project Reports

Kengo MOCHIDA Comparative Studies on the Reform of Universiy Management and Administration
Yasushi MAEHIRA Area Studies and Cultural Studies: Method of Comparison

Book Reviews and News

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