Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.31, 2005

Special Papers: Issues and Challenges of International Educational Cooperation

Norihiro KURODA The Development of Study in Japan on International Educational Cooperation
Midori KAJIMA Educational Issues for Post-conflict Countries
Mariko SATO Educational Assistance of Developed Countries in the 1990s: Comparative Analysis of the United States, Sweden and Japan
Yasushi HITOSATO The Status and Issues of International Educational Cooperation in Southeast Asia: Towards Support for Autonomous Education Reforms
Hiromi EHARA The Trend in Internation Educational Cooperation in Latin America since the 1990's
Nobuhide SAWAMURA The Current Situation and Issues in Educational Development in Africa: Does International Cooperation Work for the Poor?


Hiroyuki ISHIKAWA A Study on the Change of Science High Schools into a Prestige Schools for Gifted Education in South Korea: Focusing on the Equalization System of High Schools
Miyuki OHTA Characteristics of Contemporary Popular Education in Sweden
Koro SUZUKI Islamic Education and Basic Education Reform in Thailand
Atsuko TONOZUKA A Study on the Process of Curriculum Revision in Sweden: A System Based on Consensus
Takayoshi MAKI Influences of the External Quality Evaluation of Primary Education in Thailand
Yoshiyuki NAGATA An International Comparative Study of Alternative Schools and Educational Administration: With Special Focus on the Issue of Quality Assurance and Public Subsidies
Motohiro MIYAZAKI The Articulation between Universities and High Schools in the Turkish Admission System: The Uniformity of the University Entrance Examination and the Diversity of High School Education

Special Papers Contributed for the Society's 40th Anniversary Symposium

Research Project Reports

Takanori SAKAMOTO A Comparative Study on Teacher Competency of Four Countries
Eiichi MIYAKOSHI Comparative Study on the Governance of School Education

Book Reviews

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