Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.33, 2006

Special Papers: Decision-making and the Expense Burden in Compulsory Education

Masayoshi KIYOHARA A Comparative Analysis of Funding in Compulsory Education
Midori KAJIMA Quality Assurance in Education Focusing on Funding by the Central Government in England: A Review of Local Governance Reform
Shogo IWASAKI Educational Finance Reform in the Russian Federation: Decision-making in a Context of Centralization and Decentralization
Waraiporn SANGNAPABOWORN The Decentralization of Educational Administration in Thailand: Shared Decision-making and the Cost of Basic Education
Hideaki SHIBUYA & Kazuto KOGAWA Decision-making and the Cost of Compulsory Education in Tanzania: The Role of Community Participation


Yasuo SAITO Effects of Education Voucher: 25 Years Experience in Chile
Reiko MATSUHISA Population Politics in Mexico's Formal Education System
Hirofumi NAGAHAMA Values Education within Integrated Learning in the Philippines: The Formation of National Identities among Different Religious Groups
Makoto MIO The Significance of "Ashura" in Shiah Schools under the Policy of National Integration in Lebanon
Masahiro TANAKA Financial Conflicts Arising from the Acceptance of the Bologna Declaration: The Cases of Greece, Britain and Germany

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