Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.35, 2007

Special Papers: Education and Language

Nana KODAMA Minority Language Education in Canada under the Transforming Federal Policies on Immigration
Daisuke SONOYAMA Language Education Policy of EU towards Plurilingualism
Tastanbekova KUAANYSH The Issue of Kazakhstan Language Education Policy: Where to for the Kazakh-centered Policy in the Russian Predominant Society
Yukiko TAHIRA Education and Languages in East Timor: Dynamism Between the Choice for the Medium of Instruction and the Official Languages as a Political Agenda
Hiromi EHARA Bilingual Intercultural Education in Latin America: Pursuing "States of Pluralism


Naoko HOSHII The Transfer of Schools to Local Administrative Organizations in Thailand: Readiness of Local Administrative Organizations and Needs of Schools
Hiroto IDE Donating Activities of Overseas Chinese Foundations to the Universities in Mainland China: An Analysis on Motivation behind Philanthropic Support for Faculty Members
Shigekazu YOSHIDA Alternative Schools under the Education Inspectorate in the Netherlands: Are They Controlled or Supported?
Asuka KAWANO Community Education in Uzbekistan in Relation to the Mahalla Policy

Book Reviews

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