Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.37, 2008

Special Papers: International Language Policy

Masako SHIBATA British Policy for the English Language: Perspectives of the British Council
Aoi NAKAYAMA Germany's Language Education and Cultural Relations Policy: Focusing on the Policy of Language and Cultural Programs of the Geothe-Institute
Tsuyoshi KOGA France's Policy for the Overseas Diffusion of the French Language: A Historical View from the Ancien Regime to the 2lst Century
SaekoNAKAJIMA Transitions and Trends in Italian Foreign Policy of Language: The Dante Alighieri Society and the Italian Cultural Institute
Mana ANDO External Language Policies of Spain: The Activities of the Instituto Cervantes
Hiroyuki ISHIKAWA A Study on the External Language Policy for the Globalization of Korean: The Establishment of Sejong Hakdang
Tomoko HIGURASHI Recent Policy to Promote the Chinese Language Worldwide
Taku SHIMAZU "The Spread of the Japanese Language" Conducted as a Part of "International Cultural Exchange Programs": Its History and Current Situation


Naoki UMEMIYA Regional Quality Assurance Activity in Southeast Asia: Characteristics and Driving Forces
Yuriko SATO The Economic and Policy Implications of Accepting International Students: Comparing the Japanese and American Contexts
Hiroko NAKAMURA School Choice and Alternative Education: Special Character Schools and the Alternative Education Programme in New Zealand
Tetsuo KYOMEN Nurturing Students' Competence to Encourage Career Development in France: The Curriculum and Practical Principles of "Professional Discovery"

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