Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.39, 2009

Special Papers: How We Design the Education in the Age of Post-Neo-liberalism?

Geoff WHITTY The Legacy of Neo-liberal School Reform in England
Seiji FUKUDA Neo-liberalism and School Reform in the Nordic Countries
Hiroshi SATO Characteristics of New Public Management Education Reform in Australia: Deregulation of School Education and Establishment of Fundamental Principles
Yoshikazu OGAWA The Education for Ethnic Minorities in Taiwan: School as the Symbol of Multicultural Society
Yoshiyuki NAGATA Directions for Education in a Post-Neo-Liberal Era: Hints from a Focus on 'Sustainability'
Yuto KITAMURA The Influence of International Organizations on Education Policy in Developing Countries


Tomoko KOBAYASHI What Can Community Participation Bring About?: Lessons from Two Primary Education Programmes in India
Yuki OBARA The Study of the Emergence and the Mechanism of the Private Schools for the Poor in India: A Case of Unrecognized Schools in Shahdara, Delhi
Naoko HOSHII The Functions of School Boards in Relation to the Characteristics of Schools and Communities in Thailand
Ritsu TANIGUCHI Ideas and Realities of Bilingual Education in Francophone West Africa

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