Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.41, 2010

Special Papers: Trends Flexible Implementation of Compulsory Education and its Quality Assurance

Hodaka FUJII Issues on Compulsory Education Reform in France
Shinji SAKANO Flexibility of Compulsory Education and Assurance of Competences in Germany
Jun HIRATA A Study on Diversity of Forms of Compulsory School Attendance and Systems for Quality Assurance in the Province of Alberta, Canada
Kent KUSUYAMA The Flexibility and Quality Assurance of Compulsory Education System in China
Takashi HAMNO Flexible Implementation of Compulsory Education and its Quality Assurance - The Case of Vietnam
Hiroko NAKAMURA Diversity and Quality Assurance in New Zealand Schools: Recent Policies and Implications


Satoko BABA Interpreting the "Universality of Human Rights" in Human Rights Education in Thailand: The Difference between the "Reproduction" and "Mixture" Approaches
Tastanbekova KUANYSH Multilingual Education in Kazakhstan: The "Trinity of Languages" Policy
Jun KAWAGUCHI The Social Status and Motivation of Teachers: Considering Changes in the Teacher Training Course in Malawi
Emi KINOSHITA Modern Education and Biography: New Research Perspectives through Comparing Qualitative Research Methods in Germany and Japan

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