Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.42, 2011


Yoshiyuki NAGATA &
An International Study on ESD Evaluation in Asia-Pacific Countries: Exploring an Empowering Evaluation Approach
Hyunjung PARK Transfiguration of the System for Training Professions in the Republic of Korea: A Policy Analysis of the Establish-ment of Medical and Law Schools
Naoya YAMAZAKI The Consolidation of the Government Authorizing Text- book System in Taiwan: Implications of the Swing Back in 2000s
Yuko NONOYAMA-TARUMI Prevalence and Determinants of Participation in Shadow Education in Four East Asian Societies

Special Papers Contributed for the Open Symposium at the 46th Annual Meeting:
Comparative Education Seen from Comparative Perspectives

Seiji UTSUMI Comparative Education and International Education Collaboration from the Perspective of Emergency Humanitarian Aid
Kazuo KURODA Rethinking Comparative Education from the Perspective of Educational Development Research
Masahiro CHIKADA Dilemmas of the "Field Study Approach" in Japanese Comparative Education
Setsuo NISHINO International Education Development and the Possibility of Comparative Education Study through Viewing Indonesian Cinema's "Laskar Pelangi"
Shoko YAMADA Tradition and Diversification in the Japanese Comparative Education Society: Findings from the Questionnaire for Members and the Categorization of Journal Articles
Kenshi YAMANOUCHI Academic Characteristics of Comparative Education from the Perspective of Higher Education Studies

Research Project Reports at the 46t' Annual Meeting

Keiichi OGAWA Policy Implications and the Prospects for Future International Cooperation for Universal Primary Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
Hitoshi SUGIMOTO Possibilities and Challenges for Transnational Higher Education

Book Reviews

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