Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.44, 2012


Hideki MARUYAMA Social Participation and Empowerment of Turkish Immigrants: A Case Study of the "District Mother" Project in Berlin
Noriko TAMURA An Analysis of Factors that Caused the Expansion and Decline of Community-Managed Schools in Guatemala
Hiroko NAKAMURA Disparity and Diversity in New Zealand School Management: Market and Autonomy
Hiroko TAKE Education for Global Perspective in Sweden: Teachers Expectations for " Self-Understanding and Respect of Others"
The Rate of Return to Education in the Informal Sector: An Empirical Study Using Micro Data from South Africa
Kensaku AOKI The State Education System and Religion in England: New Labour's Policy towards Faith Schools

Research Project Report I at the 48th Annual Meeting:
How is Comparative Education Taught at the Undergraduate Level?

Kiyotake OKI Lessons in Comparative Education at the Undergraduate Level: The Meaning of Subject Research
Nana KODAMA Effective Teaching Materials and Methods for Undergraduate Courses in Comparative Education
Hisao TAKEKUMA Instruction in Comparative Education at the Undergraduate Level: Kyushu University's Case
Kiyoharu HARA Teaching Practices in Comparative Education: Implications for Textbook Construction with the Realities of Private University Students in Mind
Mina HATTORI International Academic Exchange as an Educational Resource and the Diversity of Pedagogy in Comparative Education
Reiko YAMADA Curriculum and Pedagogy in Comparative Higher Education

Research Project Report II at the 48th Annual Meeting

Takahiro KONDO Immigrants and Citizens: Visions of a Globalizing World

The Open Symposium at the 48th Annual Meeting

Hironori NAGASHIMA Comparative Studies on Initial Teacher Training and In-service Teacher Training at the Postgraduate Level

Book Reviews

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