Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.45, 2012

Special Papers: Education for the Talented and Gifted: Case Studies from Around the Globe

Kenshi YAMANOUCHI Studies on Gifted and Talented Education in Japan
Hitoshi SUGIMOTO Ability-driven Education and Gifted Education Programmes in Singapore
Hiroyuki ISHIKAWA Gifted Education in Korea Today
Hirotaka NANBU The Development of Gifted Education Programs in China under the Policy of Diffusing Education
Midori UEDA Education for Gifted and Talented Children in England
Yoshiro TANAKA American Education for the Gifted and Talented: From Traditional Egalitarian Values to the 21st Century Stage of School Democracy
Mikiko NISHIMURA Issues of Efficiency and Equity in Education for the Gifted and Talented in South Africa


Izumi MORI The Background and Development of Supplemental Educational Services in the United States: An Attempt to Decrease Inequality Outside School
Yuki NOZAWA The Significance of CIPP Model in Curriculum Evaluation: Focusing on the Role of Giving Information to Decision Making

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