Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.46, 2013


Ryoji MATSUOKA Comparative Analysis of Institutional Arrangements between the United States and Japan: Effects of Socioeconomic Disparity on Students’ Learning Habits
Yohei SEKIGUCHI The Governance of Private Universities in Vietnam
Kaori SEMURA The Role and Function of Non Formal Education by Private Sector: The ‘Love Class’ in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Jun KAWAGUCHI & Kazuo KURODA The Conformity of an International Education Policy Agenda at the Local Level: A Case Study of Inclusive Education Policy in Malawi
Kensuke SAITO Community Participation in School Management in Senegal: Differences between Behavior and Perception

Research Project Report I at the 48th Annual Meeting

Toshifumi HIRATA Citizenship Education in ASEAN Countries Aiming at Regional Integration
Minoru MORISHITA Analysis of a Questionnaire Survey on Citizenship Education to Primary and Secondary Students in ASEAN Countries
Masahiro TESHIMA Citizenship Education in ASEAN Countries Aiming at Regional Integration: Malaysia’s Challenge towards the Development of Citizenship beyond the ‘National’ Category
Akiko KAMOGAWA Citizenship Education through Social Studies and MIB at the Primary Level in Brunei Darussalam: An Analysis of SPN21 Textbooks and Curricula
Saori HAGAI Citizenship Education at Lower Secondary Schools in Cambodia: The Paradox of Achieving a Dual Sense of Belongingness towards Cambodia and the ASEAN Community
Miki INUI Between Socialism and Globalization: The Modification of Citizenship Education in Primary Education in Lao PDR

Research Project Report II at the 48th Annual Meeting

Mariko ICHIMI World Trend of the Preschool Education Policies: Why Starting of the Life Matters Now?

The Open Symposium at the 48th Annual Meeting

Satomi SHIRATSUCHI The Role of Higher Education for Global Talents in Asia

Book Reviews

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