Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society No.48, 2014


Kampei HAYASHI Decentralization and Change in Teaching Style in Sweden: The Emergence and Expansion of “Working Team” (arbetslag) from 1960 to 1980
Takayuki DEWA A Study of the Procedure for Making the ‘Student Human Rights Ordinance’ in Gyeonggi Providence, Korea
Satomi KANAI The Condition of Religious Studies in Secondary Schools in Singapore: The Interpretation of “Religious Understanding”

Special Papers: University and Regional Cooperation (Based on the Open Symposium at the 49th Annual Meeting)

Kazuo KURODA Exploring Asian Regional Cooperation in Higher Education from a Comparative Education Perspective
Naoki UMEMIYA Quality Assurance and International Collaboration in Higher Education in Southeast Asia
Taiji HOTTA International Collaboration through a Permeable Framework for Credit Transfer: The Potential Application of Asian Academic Credits (AACs)
Yoshihiro OTO & Miki SUGIMURA Regional Cooperation among Christian Universities in Asia
Yutaka KIDO The Bologna Process and European Integration in Higher Education: Towards a European Higher Education Area
Yasuo SAITO Regional Interchange among Universities in Latin America

Research Project Report I at the 49th Annual Meeting

Hideki MARUYAMA Sustainable Society and Youth Participation

Research Project Report II at the 49th Annual Meeting

Hitoshi SUGIMOTO A Comparative Study on the Articulation between Recognized and Non-recognized Education

Book Reviews

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