The 28th Annual Conference of The Pan Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies, PAPAIOS

The 28th Annual Conference of the Pan Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies, PAPAIOS, will be held as
  Date: 20-22 October, 2017
  Conference Venue: Osaka Ibaraki Campus,
             Ritsumeikan University
             2-150, Iwakura, Ibaraki, Osaka, Japan

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Ritsumeikan University, Osaka Ibaraki Campus
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The Pan Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies invites your participation and contribution to the 28th Annual Conference. The Annual Conference of this year focuses on the following sub-themes. All contributions that address the following sub-themes are especially welcomed.
  (1) Environment, Resource and Energy
  (2) International Economy and International Development
  (3) Telecommunication and Information Technology
  (4) Productivity
  (5) Computable General Equilibrium Mode
  (6) Regional Input-Output Analysis
  (7) Theory of Input-Output Techniques
  (8) Compilation of Input-Output Table, SNA, or SAM
  (9) Disaster and the Economy/Society of the Disaster Victim Area
  (10) Others

The deadline of submission of abstract is 30 June 2017.
The Online submission system will be open around the end of May 2017.



Annual Conference of PAPAIOS

The Annual PAPAIOS Conference has been held since1990.

PAPAIOS 2017 Conference (The 28th PAPAIOS Conference )will be held on 21-22 October at Ritsumeikan University (Osaka Ibaraki Campus). The submission of abstarct will open after April 2017.

PAPAIOS 2016 Conference was held on 22-23 at Kochi University.

PAPAIOS 2016 Conference was held from 30 October-1 November at Meiji University,Tokyo.